Visual identity renewal for Shanghai International Comedy Festival. Shanghai International Comedy Festival is a 
large-scale comedy festival brings various entreatment comes from around the world. Following the extensive and global use of emoji in social media, emoji has already become a international language. Emoji is the initial elements and inspiration in these posters. The core idea behind these posters is to create a vivid visual impact that can let people feel happy from the heart.

Jet Wash Culture

A set of posters made for promoting a series of events at the V&A. The events aim to explore the ‘image of music’from four specific decades, and also aim to critically review the aesthetic and social effects that these periods have had on society, attitudes, fashion and creative thought. In order to express the difference of graphic language in each period, the posters was designed based on the development of postmodernism graphic design emerged in 70s and ended in 90s. The postmodernism graphic design was highly influenced by 60s Swiss International graphic style but completely broke the rules of it. From well-regulated grid system to destroyed typography, the growth of self expression in graphic design visually presents through these four posters.

Industry Practice

A experimental and nostalgia project inspired by the old candy wrappers in 80s. It takes the old pattern and prints in candy wrappers into a new form.Firstly, the patterns was be recreated and printed by risograph. Then, it was presented in a more functional and three dimensional way. I made several keychains based on the pattern. Working through several experiments, I made them into hair accessories and took some photographs also in a 80s vibe way.


  • risoprint:

  • keychain:

  • hair clips:

Full Flow: the language of Grime.

editorial design for grime:

Project 01: Newspaper Project